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Fremont Ellis
20x24 Oil "Mountain
with Stream"
Gary Morton
24x12 Watercolor "Cowboy with Saddle"
George Dabich
8x10 Watercolor "Indian Teepee Encampment"
Grayson Sayre
14x7 Watercolor
"Indian Riding Through Canyon"
Joe Grandee
24x18 Oil "Cowboy with Rifle" $4,500.00
Hazel Massey
9x12 Oil "Redbud Trees"
Herb Booth
24x30 Watercolor "Ducks in Flight" $5,000.00
Hugo Herbeck
24x30 Oil "Bluebonnets" $5,500.00
James Robinson
24x36 Oil "Cowboy on Horseback at Stream/
Waterfall" $11,000.00
Jodie Boren
8x10 Watercolor "Steer in Desert" $500.00
James Robinson
9x12 Oil "Shrimp Boat and Fisherman"
Jan Bell
18x25 Oil "Canadien River" $1,250.00
Jan Bell
16x20 Oil "Indian Chief"
Jerry Ruthven
18x24 Oil "Hill Country with Creek" $750.00
J. Haverstick 5x4 Oil "Indians on Horseback" $950.00
Joe Rader Roberts
9x12 Oil "Pack Mule in Desert"
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